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Gout and Foot Reflexology by Ivan
Gout is sometimes known as a Rich man’s disease because of the high social class lifestyle. Gout is caused by having too much uric acid in your blood (Hyperuricemia). The kidneys normally pass excess uric acid out of your body via urine. These acids crystallize and deposit in a joint that cause the pain and swelling.

With or without treatment, gout attack can last a few days, and the next attack can become more severe and more often. Gout can strike suddenly and no one can predict when gout attack occurs.

During the attack, the area (examples are the big toe’s joint, knees, ankles) becomes hot, red, swollen, and extremely tender. A fever may also be present. The pain peaks within 24 hours and can be excruciating,

Gout may be triggered by alcohol, certain medicines, and the presence of another illness, stressful events, or some other factor.

Basic Advice

  1. If you can have your uric acid levels measured regularly, it may help predict your chances of having a future attack.
  2. Foot Reflexology cannot cure the Gout. Foot Reflexology cannot be done when a person is in severe pain. However, Foot Reflexology can reduce the pain and it is about timing. It is best to have Foot massage when you feel the pain is about to occur. Be honest and explain to the therapist of your problem and where the affected areas in your body.
  3. Exercise regularly. Walking, Cycling, Swimming and Tai Chi.
  4. Eat properly and avoid seafood, alcohol, meat, beans, peas and certain vegetables. Recommended to drink plenty of water and fruits (especially Cherries), rice, pasta, milk, chocolate, olive, cereals, bread, eggs and coffee.
  5. Take your medicine according to your healthcare provider advice.
  6. Try cold compression to affected area to reduce swelling and pain when the injuries occurred. Then use hot compression to reduce pain after the swelling has subsided.


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Please take note that I am not an expert in healthcare, but I have interest in health related issues. I believed “Health is Wealth.” The content in the article is mainly to provide basic information to the public in general.

Thank you for reading my article.